MealTracker Dietary Menu Management Systems

MealTracker is an intuitive, easy-to-use software tool that ensures your cycle menu is executed with the original nutrition, cost, and dietary control it was designed to deliver.

As a web-based application, MealTracker allows you to focus on your most important responsibility -- food service. By eliminating hardware and hosting issues, you will be able to dedicate more resources to your primary responsibilities of running your long-term/assisted living care facility.

About MEALTRACKER® – The Company

MEALTRACKER® creates and supports dietary and nutritional menu planning software specifically designed for the long-term care market. We are a dedicated and nimble group that has a passion for solving food-service related problems. We are absolute fanatics about accessible and reliable customer service.

  • MealTracker software does the work of 10 diet techs- and does it well! The ultimate flexibility that MealTracker offers in menu planning is amazing. It is logical and fast to program any complete or updated menu.

    Joan Katz
    Director of Nutrition Services,
    Chief Clinical Dietitian

    Christian Health Care Center

  • Over the last 27 years, I have used numerous meal ticket software options but none compare to MealTracker. We choose MealTracker for the service and support that is provided after purchase. This software is like no other.

    Tina Banning,

  • Your service assistance is excellent! Every time I have needed assistance, you have been able to quickly resolve my issue.

    Jenny Overly, MS, RD
    Corporate Director of Nutrition & Wellness
    Unidine Corporate

  • I can’t say enough great things about MealTracker – like I said, once we got familiar with the basics and etc.; we have found it to truly enhance our services, organize our departments, minimize waste and enhance the service we provide to our customer.

    Stephen R. Smith, RD LD/N
    Corporate Director of Food & Nutrition Services

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