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MealTracker identifies what residents want, need, and like when it comes to food and dietary preferences. Bring whole-person wellness to your dietary department through resident-directed care. Automatically capture resident menu selections, resident weights, likes, dislikes, allergies, etc. at the point of resident care.

As a web-based application, MealTracker Direct eliminates the need to worry about backing up your data, printing issues, hardware issues or connectivity issues.

Optimize residents’ satisfaction, enhance resident/staff relations, and streamline staff performance with MealTracker today!

Our Systems

MealTracker Direct

Our core module puts complete food tracking and menu management at your fingertips... More on MealTracker >>


The NutriTracker clinical nutrition module performs nutrient analysis of menus, trays, snacks and recipes. View immediate intake studies with just a few clicks... More on NutriTracker >>


The CostTracker food costing modules lets you track comprehensive cost reports with your actual vendor costs. Understand what drives your food costs and compare target menu costs with actual tray costs. Vendor cost reports, inventory reporting and grocery lists make this tool invaluable... More on CostTracker >>


"I would recommend Mealtracker to anyone looking for an economical, user friendly, all encompassing software program supported by an amazing customer support team! MEALTRACKER® has the BEST customer support of any other vendor or partner I have worked with during my 20-year professional career."

Becky Foster RD/LD
Director of Nutrition Services
Senior Care Centers
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